• The best workout I've ever done! Since I've started training with Karl my stomach is flatter , my arms and legs are more toned and I've gotten stronger all round. I love going to the classes because they are only 20 minutes but I feel like I've worked out every part of my body in that space of time. Karl is really encouraging and is great at pushing you to achieve your goals. Have gone to gyms and exercise classes in the past and never achieved results as good as this. Áine M.G
  • I just finished 10sessions with Karl. He was very knowledgeable and a great help when you are trying to push through on the last couple of sets. The sessions were very accommodating to my hectic schedule while still showing the results i had hoped. I noticed the difference for such a short period aswell as a difference in the gym. I would 100% recommend going to Karl. Alina Craciun
  • I've just finished a course of 10 classes with Karl..Am thrilled with my end result!! I have tried everything from slimming world to yearly memberships in gyms (,which I never used even tho I'd paid for the year) curves,you name it I think I've tried it..I have 2 kids and not a lot of me time so the 20 min workout is perfect..also after the birth of my daughter by c section)6 years ago I was left with a desensitized jelly belly,after the 10 classes n some walking outside of classes my jelly belly is just about gone..Am sorry I didn't do before n after pics!! Karl is a great trainer and is totally focused on his clients..I am off on holidays this week and for the first time in years I will feel confident in a bikini..I would highly recommend bodytec stillorgan!! Put in the work and you will see the results!! Catherine Freeney
  • Karl and Bodytec are so impressive!! Karl is very professional and makes u feel very comfortable. He is great at knowing just how far to push you! Bodytec only takes 30 mins out of my busy day and is very effective if not addictive 😃 I dropped a jeans size before I even finished my session of 10. I'd recommend it to anyone. Jayne Butler
  • Amazing workouts, sessions are short and I felt arm definition and strength changes within the first few sessions. Two months in and my tight clothes are now loose 😃 Tamian Perrins
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